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pontoon The most common misconception of many boat owners is the idea that a boat motor can run forever with no maintenance. Every boat engine manufacturer highly recommends performing engine maintenance at the very least once a year; or at certain hour intervals on motor. Your time to relax on the lake is valuable and shouldn't be jeopardized by a boat constantly breaking down. The certified Marine Technicians at Paradise Cove Marina have built a reputation not only here in Hot Springs, but in the industry, by providing the service you demand with the quality you deserve. Anything from preventative maintenance to major engine repair can be handled in an efficient, quality manner in our lakeside shop. WE ARE A CERTIFIED WARRANTY SERVICE CENTER FOR ALL MARINE MOTORS. Technology in the marine industry is advancing at an incredible rate. At Paradise Cove Marina we have all the necessary diagnostic tools to quickly pinpoint any abnormality that could be causing your problem. In turn, this dramatically speeds up the repair process so our customers aren't "boatless" very long. We have continuously provided top-of-the-line customer service for residents in the tri-lakes area along with seasonal vacationers for over 30 years. Our top priority is to ensure that our customers lake experience will be everything but dreadful, and provide the utmost satisfaction. Give us a call, fill-out one of our service forms, or send us an email. Let us take care of your problem.

Map to Property 1300 Airport Rd  Hot Springs AR
Call 501-767-4144
Welcome to Paradise Cove Marina - Hot Springs, AR
Map to Property - Paradise Cove Marina 1300 Airport Rd  Hot Springs AR
Call 501-767-4144 to connect with Paradise Cove Marina
Paradise Cove Marina provides the service you demand with the quality you deserve.
Paradise Cove Marina - Your gateway to beautiful Lake Hamilton located at the midpoint of the lake next to the Hwy 70 Bridge.
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The following repair and maintenance services are available from our on-site facility:
Basic Spring Service:

Check and charge battery and clean connections; check all fluids, belts, hoses, etc.; run engine on flush; check shift, charge system, and all accessories.

Full Spring Service:

Check battery conditions and clean connections; change outdrive oil; remove outdrive, check and lube U joints and gimbal bearing; check bellows, cables, etc.; change engine oil and filter; check all belts, hoses, fuel lines, etc.; check shift, charging system, timing and carburetor adjustment; check all gauges and accessories for proper operation; lube bearing buddies on trailer and air tires to proper pressures.

Basic Winterization:

See Winter Storage

Full Service Winterization:

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